The worst habits of all time…

Published October 28, 2012 by Kokomo

Ok, so in honor of my blogfriend chaoticscribbles (who is in need of some views to get to her 10.000 views milestone), I have decided I shall list my top 3 nastiest rat habits of all time. Mind you, I had to think about this for EVER because it would be easier to make a top 15. Now, like chaotic said, I love my ratties to death but they just have some really nasty habits.

So here it goes:

3. Peeing all over the cage

That being said, they ONLY pee (or poop) in their cage and the poop is even contained to a very small part of the cage, so yay for them being potty trained. But the cage is 6/7 stories high and especially the lower part is all barred floors. So if they pee on the top floor, it drips all the way to the bottom. The floors all get sticky and it takes them just about a week to get the whole cage sticky and stinky. I have to put the entire cage in the shower every week to get the smell and stickyness off. And a little bonus; sometimes they pee in the corners, with effect or something, so the floor behind the cage and the Ikea-case the cage stands against is covered in pee too.

(yah, no pics of the peeing, sorry)

2. An absurd fixation with the trashbag

You’d think they don’t get fed enough. Let me give you a short overview of their diet; catfood (wet and dry), dog treats, bread (fresh and dried), vegetables (raw and cooked), fruits, potatoes, nuts, seeds, yogitreats, fish, meat, cheese all finished off with rat-food-dry-mix. So… they seriously never go hungry (look at Koko as proof). Still the trashbag smells so good to them they HAVE to get into it during free ranging time. It’s so interesting. I hate it becaue they gnaw holes in the bag and never, never, NEVER at the top. Always at the bottom. Which causes all kinds of yucky stuff to leak out and guess who gets to clean that up?

Not a trashbag, but I thought it looked so cute because I am holding her weight up as she’s getting a little too heavy to do this herself 😉

1. The gnawing

I know, I know, I got rodents, what do you expect? But it’s not the gnawing in general that pisses me off. I give them all sorts of cardboards, woods even sometimes plastics and metals to gnaw on in the cage. Yes, it gives a bit of a mess, but they seem to have SO much fun doing it. No, it’s the gnawing outside of the cage that I hate. They never do it openly, but they do it. Most of my bedsheets are either torn apart or have holes in them everywhere. They used to love to chill under my blanket and just make holes every 5 inches or so. I have one set of bed sheets that is (apart from the mattress cover) still whole and I’d like to keep it that way. Also Koko loves the soles inside my shoes, bags and purses that I have put away securely in a box (not so securely anymore) and anything that is leather or imitation leather. And powercords, but ONLY the ones that belong to appliances I use every day, like my laptop and my phone.

Or pillows, which Koko then climbs in to to explore around…

Now that wasn’t easy because I could have named the pee-trails they leave or the constant escaping or the ‘fighting’ they seem to only do at night. But, I have to keep things balanced. Therefor my next blog will be a top five of the best habits.

Hope you enjoyed!


5 comments on “The worst habits of all time…

  • Awwwwww yayaya I love this post!! Laughed when you said about potentiall a top 15 bad habit post haha! You just cant stay mad at their cheeky faces!! I understand the whole peeing on, sounds like a very sticky situation to be in! And the trash nibbline, icky icky icky! I would get so mad if my hamster ate that especially when you give them all that tasty grub that hasnt been in the bin already 😛 And aww the gnawing!! They are reminding you of them everywhere you go haha! I once was in a rush to go out but so tracksuit bottoms on and half way to the shops I realised there was a gapping hole in the bottom where a cheeky hamster had tasted it. Had to laugh!! 😀 They keep us on our toes dont they! And p.s. super cute pictures too! 😀 😀 xxxx

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