A milestone!

Published November 11, 2012 by Kokomo

Hey, Ruma and Koko here.

Just a quick post as we are waaaaaaaaaay to busy napping, we can’t really take time out of our busy napping-eating-free-ranging-pooping schedule to type long posts. But, we feel it is the very necessary to post this as we feel we need to thank YOU. All of you! Everyone who’s been here, reading, liking, following and commenting. We have passed 500 views. Actually, we had 50 views in the past 48 hours. We are so proud, so happy and so thankful! It is keeping our owner inspired to keep writing about us and keep taking pictures and over-sharing about all our nonsense.

Just a little newsflash, she is considering adding two more ladies to our mix. Wondering what that’s going to be like!

Anyways, thanks a million for everything! We love you!!

Tomato kisses!


9 comments on “A milestone!

  • Well done girlies! Keep it up 😀 We’re all loving the ratty-updates 😛 Oooooh and very excited about the two new addtitions – you got any names in mind? Perhaps hold a competition or a vote for names?? Draw in some more readers? xxx

    • Nooooo, no names yet. First I need to really consider the implications. What will it do to Ruma and Koko. Do I have to clean the cage more often. Will I be able to cover vet costs… So it’s not an easy decision….

      • Very responsible! Important things to consider. That said , the more the merrier! I had 5 little ratties. 2 girls and 3 boys. I started out with 2 boys haha.

      • I don’t want boys though, I am sorry but their balls disgust me. They rub off everywhere. But I mus say, I do miss the cuddling a little. Hmmm, do you think Koko and Ruma would be happy sharing their space?

      • Haha once you get over the balls they’re cool. The cuddling is awesome. My raticate would just chill sit with me and chill . I think they would be happy with another friend. It’s always a good idea to socialize them first before just throwing the new ones into Koko and Ruma’s turf. Sometimes they just accept the new one sometimes there will be some fighting. You can check the internet on how best to introduce new ratties. I think girls are pretty relaxed with it while boys can tend to fight more. Though none of my ratties had issues.

      • Yah, I know how to socialize them. I’m just scared of what happens when they don’ get along. Then I have to use my now enormous space separated for them. Not fair to two ratties who have been used to so much space…

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