Kamikaze Koko!

Published November 25, 2012 by Kokomo

Today, a rare free Saturday, I woke early since I had been getting up early all week. I got up to make coffee, turned on my laptop and let the ladies out. As I sat down with my coffee and started playing an online game of Catan, Ruma and Koko were running around and playing.

Suddenly I heard a familiar noise. Alarmbells went off in my head. That is the sound of a strip of Advils… For some reason, they have been nibbling on these strips before. There was one in my purse and Koko got it out. I was just in time to see her disappear under the bed backwards with the strip in her jaws. I was quick and pulled it out on time. Relief spread through me. Until I noticed there was a place where the back was unopened, but the pill was missing. CRAP!

In blind panic I janked my bed from it’s place so far it almost ended in the kitchen! Pillows flew everywhere and I managed to grab Koko, who obviously squeeled like a little pig because she new I was going to steal her ‘snack’. I grabbed the pill, which had been damaged but not really emtpied (they are liquid caps) and with that saved Koko from a peaceful, but WAY too early death.

Really Koko? Advil for a snack? I know rats have weird habits but Advil? Needless to say, the pills are now safely hidden away and I might switch to Aspirin as this might heal the heart disease Koko caused in me today….

The ‘murder weapon’


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