Furrtastic news!

Published December 3, 2012 by Kokomo

WE are so excited. I know Koko and Ruma have NO idea what is going on, but I am talking for them today. After months of doubting, wondering, researching, reading, blogging etc etc, I decided I want a better cage. This system is very ingenious, but better cages have been designed 😉

So which one was I going to get? There are a few beauties on my list.

1. Savic Royal Suite Double

Savic Royal Suite Double

Savic Royal Suite Double

With double, full sized doors this baby is the golden ticket of ratcages. Ofcourse, if you want one, you must be willing to pay. I mean PAY. Over here it costs a mere €290,- So yeah…

2. the Critter Nation Double Unit https://i1.wp.com/www.simplypetsupplies.com/prod_images_large/568545.jpgPretty much the, slightly more expensive, some say better, brother of the RS. This baby costs a mere €349,- new. (whuuuuut??)

3. All different kinds of aviary cages, height is a good thing for rats. These can vary in price from €80,- to €250,- depending on how big the doors are and how many accessories it comes with.

4. The Ferplast Furet tower. https://i0.wp.com/www.wearepets.co.uk/smallpets/products_pictures/ferplast-ferret-tower.jpgBig, lot’s of space, many big doors, easy to clean and the possibility to separate the cage parts (this is also possible in a CN or an RS). If you want a new one you will pay around €200,-

5. Ferplast Furet XL . The smaller brother of the above mentioned cage, only one part, suitable for up to 4 rats. Easy to clean and rearrange. Costs about €120,-

So, what to do what to choose. Well, looking at all these prices you may have concluded with me that a secondhand cage will be more fitting for the budget. And it so happens I have bid on a RS and a Furet Tower. I’m thinking it will become the tower, since it seems to be in a better state. I’ve bid €100,- and I am going to take a look (and take it with me) next Saturday. Oh yes, paradise is just around the corner… Will keep you posted with news(and hopefully pics).

Kokomo and the girls


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