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What to do when you’re in an introduction?

Published May 9, 2013 by Kokomo

So, as my last post stated, I got a new girl to add to the group. Being well-aware that Maarit isn’t going to last forever, I chose a girl that was the same age as Koko and Ruma. I knew that at a certain point in the near future, I was going to have to introduce her to Koko and Ruma. And as I was home for two weeks after my second surgery (left hand), I decided now was as good a time as any. I put them together as soon as I got home with Lumi. At this point, Lumi and Maarit had been together for over 48 hrs without any troubles.

The first hour was very boring. They sniffed each other, they ran around in the Duna trying to find a way out (mostly Koko and Ruma of course, not being used to being in a Duna very often) and they pooped. They also knew where to find the food and water, so so far, so good. After a while, little shenanigans started happening; Lumi and Ruma rolling around, but mostly Koko and Lumi going at eachother. Koko is the alpha, EVERYTHING belongs to her, so naturally, she’s not going to be happy about sharing. She’s a little (wel, big fat) bitch. Lumi figured she had to at least test if Koko really was the alpha, and if she was any good at it. Well.. six nights with little sleep later, the calm started to come and they moved from the Duna to a quarter RS and added a hammock. So far so good. Strangely, since they have been in there, Koko started picking on Maarit again (again? sigh…), but it hasn’t been disastrous. I added some elements to prevent her from getting angry (a second dish of food, a second toilet) and over the past days I started adding sleeping places until yesterday, I moved them to the bottom half of the RS, which I redecorated and it’s almost as a normal decoration. They are still adjusting and the intro isn’t over, but it’s looking ok.

So what do rats do during an introduction you ask? Well, take a look for yourself…

You cuddle...

You cuddle…


You stretch out...

You stretch out…


You huddle together...

You huddle together…


You pile up...

You pile up.


You curl up...

You curl up…


You dream away...

You dream away…


You wash...

You wash…


And sometimes, you sleep silly...

And sometimes, you sleep silly…


Or lazy...

Or lazy…

REALLY lazy...

REALLY lazy…


Or just downright insane...

Or just downright insane…


Thanks for laughing! 🙂 More pictures are acomin’!






Furrtastic news!

Published December 3, 2012 by Kokomo

WE are so excited. I know Koko and Ruma have NO idea what is going on, but I am talking for them today. After months of doubting, wondering, researching, reading, blogging etc etc, I decided I want a better cage. This system is very ingenious, but better cages have been designed 😉

So which one was I going to get? There are a few beauties on my list.

1. Savic Royal Suite Double

Savic Royal Suite Double

Savic Royal Suite Double

With double, full sized doors this baby is the golden ticket of ratcages. Ofcourse, if you want one, you must be willing to pay. I mean PAY. Over here it costs a mere €290,- So yeah…

2. the Critter Nation Double Unit https://i1.wp.com/www.simplypetsupplies.com/prod_images_large/568545.jpgPretty much the, slightly more expensive, some say better, brother of the RS. This baby costs a mere €349,- new. (whuuuuut??)

3. All different kinds of aviary cages, height is a good thing for rats. These can vary in price from €80,- to €250,- depending on how big the doors are and how many accessories it comes with.

4. The Ferplast Furet tower. https://i0.wp.com/www.wearepets.co.uk/smallpets/products_pictures/ferplast-ferret-tower.jpgBig, lot’s of space, many big doors, easy to clean and the possibility to separate the cage parts (this is also possible in a CN or an RS). If you want a new one you will pay around €200,-

5. Ferplast Furet XL . The smaller brother of the above mentioned cage, only one part, suitable for up to 4 rats. Easy to clean and rearrange. Costs about €120,-

So, what to do what to choose. Well, looking at all these prices you may have concluded with me that a secondhand cage will be more fitting for the budget. And it so happens I have bid on a RS and a Furet Tower. I’m thinking it will become the tower, since it seems to be in a better state. I’ve bid €100,- and I am going to take a look (and take it with me) next Saturday. Oh yes, paradise is just around the corner… Will keep you posted with news(and hopefully pics).

Kokomo and the girls

A milestone!

Published November 11, 2012 by Kokomo

Hey, Ruma and Koko here.

Just a quick post as we are waaaaaaaaaay to busy napping, we can’t really take time out of our busy napping-eating-free-ranging-pooping schedule to type long posts. But, we feel it is the very necessary to post this as we feel we need to thank YOU. All of you! Everyone who’s been here, reading, liking, following and commenting. We have passed 500 views. Actually, we had 50 views in the past 48 hours. We are so proud, so happy and so thankful! It is keeping our owner inspired to keep writing about us and keep taking pictures and over-sharing about all our nonsense.

Just a little newsflash, she is considering adding two more ladies to our mix. Wondering what that’s going to be like!

Anyways, thanks a million for everything! We love you!!

Tomato kisses!

I’m such a poser!

Published October 4, 2012 by Kokomo

Yes people, it’s me, Koko. I thought it was about time I contributed to this blog, since half of it is about me! I’m so excited! Of course, this is quite difficult for me, because it requires sitting still, which I find so very hard to do!!!! Gosh it’s exciting!

Today we got another one of those dishes with nasty water but loads of green pod-thingies that I like SO much! I was so excited! I am sure they were ALL there for me! I didn’t really like Ruma roaming around, but I have taught her well, she only ate about three. The rest was ALL FOR ME! I’m still so excited!


But what sort of bothered me even more was my human sitting there, pushing that nasty white thing in my face while I was just trying to eat! Eating is my favorite thing! I tried splashing her and I am sure I got the white thing wet, but it didn’t stop my human.

Peas. ALL for ME!

Yeah so my human was annoying, but she also kept Ruma busy. Ruma is so stupid. She doesn’t even eat when we get all these goodies! I am sure we get more goodies tonight. I am so excited!

Oh yeah, so here are some pictures of me.

WHAT do you want human?

Stupid Ruma stealing my peas!

Eating peas yes. I am so excited!

GO away human!

The fortress

Published October 3, 2012 by Kokomo

Good afternoon you mere mortals. How nice of you to come and visit our splendid blog. Do you like the changes we had our servant make? (Yes, we say servant now, as she practically runs for us and well, we live in a fortress, so we MUST be royal). We’re not too keen on the pink if you ask us, we’d prefer green or yellow, much healthier colors for us rats, but well, we don’t have to live on the blog. Hopefully we do make it come alive.

Very well, all nonsense aside, we need to inform you of our newest favorite hang-out. The fortress. We have had fortresses for many a month now, but the one we have now, the smallest so far, is our absolute favorite. We have decorated it to our taste, and because it is so small, we move it around where we like as well.

Koko on top of the fortress

What is a fortress you ask? Well, first of all, a fortress isn’t a fortress unless it is on the top floor of your cage. I mean really, on the bottom it would be a dungeon, not? The concept is quite simple. You have your servant take a shoe-box and cut two holes in it, one at the bottom, a big one, and one at the top, a smaller one. The one at the bottom is used for entry and the one at the top is small, but we like to make it bigger ourselves. Then the lid of the box is taped to the box and well, it’s pretty much done. The fortress is placed, as said before, on the top floor of the cage so that from the holes, we can overview our entire kingdom.

Trying to squeeze out together, never works…

But the fortress is more than a box. It’s a place to hide from our servant. It’s a place to keep warm in when it’s chilly. It’s a place to snuggle up in together. When we flip it to the side, the wholes are on either side of the box and we use then as windows to lounge in. It’s really the perfect hangout. Who needs a cage with 7 stories when you have a fortress on top?

Peeking out the ‘window’

Yes, the only thing our fortress is missing really, is a constant food and water supply. On the other hand, we are quite trained in dragging food into our fortress to enjoy it in the privacy of our walls. The only real problem we are faced with then is water. Well and the fact that we have to descend 6 floors to be able to relieve ourselves. Oh why bother? We like wet cardboard! Wet, and warm and with our own fine odor filling the room.

Oh hello servant, what is it you wish?

Our servant got the idea for a fortress from some amazing website that of course she did not tell us about, so we are unable to share the link with you. Perhaps you can try googling for ‘rat toys’ or ‘rat fortress’. We wish you the best of luck! It is time for us to retreat to our fortress now. Fare thee well!

Näkemiin, Koko and Ruma

Please do not disturb me human!

Yes, I am quite comfortable, does it show?


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