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Picture time!

Published December 30, 2012 by Kokomo

Because my phone is overloaded with silly, sweet and mostly blurry pictures of my two little cuddles, I decided I wanted to treat y’all to a little gallery! Here goes nothing, a few of my favorites:

Big nosed curious Koko

Big nosed curious Koko

My dumbo girl <3

My dumbo girl ❤

This is tasty! Can I eat this?

This is tasty! Can I eat this?

Yummy fresh mint. nommerenomnom

Yummy fresh mint. nommerenomnom

Were doing our door-dance, what do you think?

Were doing our door-dance, what do you think?

Wazzup? Y u wake me?

Wazzup? Y u wake me?

Is this new? Not sure I like this....

Is this new? Not sure I like this….


Nice view from up here!

Nice view from up here!



Squeezin' about....

Squeezin’ about….

I'm pretending to be a possum, can you see?

I’m pretending to be a possum, can you see?

I MUST eat this!

I MUST eat this!

noms together :)

noms together 🙂



Allright, eough with the nonsense. More for later! Thnx for viewing!



Published December 8, 2012 by Kokomo

Yes, as a follow up of last week’s post about what cage to get; here’s the new cage post. We are so delighted! I know Koko and Ruma are too because I caught them bruxing and boggling this morning 🙂

What happened was, I bid on a Royal Suite ( click here for my post about cages) but the girl didn’t respond to my bid. So I also bid on a Furet Tower. It had gotten to the point where I had made arrangements to pick up the Furet Tower. Then I e-mailed the other girl about the RS again. She said it was reserved but if they didn’t pick it up, he’d let me know. I’d bid €80,-, but the furet tower (a lower quality cage) had a bid of €100,- on it. Then on Wednesday, I got news from the girl who owned the RS. She wanted me to pick it up the next day for €80,-. I told her that was fine and went home really excited. Then on Thursday she emailed me if it was possible to pick it up on Friday as that day wasn’t possible for her. Sure, I could wait another day. And then yesterday, it was finally time. I sat home after work, anxiously awaiting a message from the girl when I could come and pick it up.

I went to pick it up. I petted her cutest rats (3 ladies and 3 gents -oh my those gents are big! – but I didn’t see any balls…) and took home the RS, dismantled in many loose (and heavy) parts. Back home the assembly puzzle began. She didn’t have a description and told me it took her 5 hrs the first time to put it together. Within 45 minutes, half the cage was up. It scared the crap out of me. The cage is BIG! No, not big, HUGE! I decided to leave it there, half a cage was enough for now. As one of the bottom plates was missing, which would mean I would have to put in cardboard or something, I just built half and put the other half away. YAY for separate parts!

So here’s the cage after 45 minutes of hard labor yesterday:


Look at the IKEA expedition case behind it to grasp it’s size…

The only plate that was left with the cage was actually the one that belongs on the top half, it has a hole in it to make room for the ladder, but I put cardboard below the plate and a towel on top to cover it. So I started putting in the thingamagiggies from the other cages and at the same time disassemble the old cages.

Let’s say Koko and Ruma weren’t as excited as I was with the new arrival… They kept trying to climb out of the cage and on top of me, even though I put the old hammocks in, so things would have a familiar smell. After a while and a lot of treats, they did settle in and went to sleep in their ball. The night passed quietly and this morning they seemed VERY content when I stuck my hand in the cage, Koko put her head on it and Ruma put her head on top of that and they both started bruxing and boggling. They were so cute.

This afternoon I went shopping because even with all the things I had in the old cages in there, it still looked empty. I told myself I could spend a maximum of €60,- and I managed to go just about €20,- above that amount :$. But here’s the result of my shopping spree:

Toys, food, a travel basket, yup, I went all out. And teddy is posing :P

Toys, food, a travel basket, yup, I went all out. And teddy is posing 😛

I woke up my creative mind and for an hour I was putting rings through holes and hooking things into the cage. And here is the (crappy) result. I say Crappy because it’s dark now and so the quality of the pictures is horrible. I shall take new pictures tomorrow when there is daylight again. But for now; the new paradise:


The whole cage (old cages are still stacked on top)


Left side. Koko is posing how to escape.


Right side cage. Yeah, it’s full! 🙂

So all these changes are happening because of a good reason. What reason? I’m saving that one for a new post. Stay tuned!


Guard rats..

Published October 21, 2012 by Kokomo

No really, this is what it looks like!

I have to say, rats have many, many fine qualities, but guarding definitely isn’t one of them. as i have mentioned before; I have a mouse in my apt. And it’s a rather rude one at that. I will have put the ladies back in their cage for barely 10 minutes or Mr. Jingles is sitting under my bed, munching loudly on the ladies’ leftovers. It’s really infuriating to know that mouse goes where my ladies go. But I have so far tried everything in my power to get rid of it. The only method left is to place traps and keep the ladies locked in for a week or so.

I really had the illusion that keeping pet rats, and them spreading their scent everywhere, would keep mice away. Guess again. And apparently my two oh so ‘smart’ ladies are quite unaware of its presence in the house.

On of the methods I tried to chase this mouse away was as soon as I’d hear him, let the ladies out and hopefully they would encounter him. No such luck. I even dreamed about Koko catching it and bringing it to me like a trophy (I think I still have a deep-rooted desire to own a cat). But no, no such luck. The other day I was sitting quietly, typing out my blog and I saw the little terror appearing from under the kitchen. It crawled closer and closer until it was about 20 cm away from the rat cage. In there, not a sign of life though. They must have been very tired or something as they didn’t even blink or open an eye to see what was going on. Nothing.

How did our sweet domesticated rat become so different from its wild ancestor that it doesn’t even pick up the smell of his enemy? Or is it maybe because my ladies are so frigging spoiled that they are never hungry and so their hunting instinct is shot to hell?

When I came home yesterday afternoon, I could see by the glass that was laying on my bed that Ruma had once again escaped and even then, even when she is out of the cage, free ranging in her own time and freedom, she apparently does not fend off this intruder. They are such softies!

After posting this I am off to another cleaning rage through the apt. once again trying to get rid of all the little surprises Koko and Ruma left everywhere, cleaning, vacuuming, cleaning the cage and the kitchen top to bottom. Not the idea I had for spending my free Sunday afternoon.

If anyone has any tips on how to get rid of this evil bacteria carrying terrorist, please feel free to share. Note that I will not take suggestions of mouse traps or poison seriously as I have already ruled those out with my girls running free. God forbid a little tail or paw would get caught or they would eat the poison…

A smart mouse is a well prepared mouse…

Ruh roh!

Published October 18, 2012 by Kokomo

I have been VERY absent here and it has not made my ladies proud. But in my defense they have gotten waaaaaaay more attention than normal because I couldn’t give all my attention to the laptop. See, my little deviants, they were so done with me sitting behind that square screen every night, they gnawed through my powercord. Ohyeah! One of their more proud days. And they managed not to get themselves electrocuted. But sadly for them, it took me only 5 days to replace my powercord so now I’m back on.

They have been keeping themselves very busy in the mean time. They have managed a bunch of new escape attempts and some of them they nailed perfectly! One night, Ruma escaped 4 times and Koko managed to escape one more time around 6 am. She crawled into bed with me and woke me up! HAHA! Serves me, they need ATTENTION! ALL THE TIME!

They are now, once again, properly locked behind bars, although Ruma spends a good part of the day, and night, pulling and dragging on the chains that cover our one and only escape hole. She is quite the Houdini, so one day…. all they need is patience and perseverance. Ruma has a bunch of this. Mostly persevereance I think. As I am typing I am watching her pull the chains and once again… escape! ruhroh! It’s time to redesign the tunnel and once again keep her behind bars!

Don’t get me wrong, I love cuddletime with little Ruma. But her getting out whenever she wants, not so handy! Either way, weekend’s on it’s way, so I promise more adventures by then!

Urhm… WE are very innocent, can’t you see?

My plan to take over the world…

Published September 17, 2012 by Kokomo

Everyday I get a little closer… everyday my owner finds another way to hide me back in that cage. But I will prevail, I shall NOT give up. One day I will make my great escape and then not get distracted by all the cool things in my owner’s house that I can sniff, climb on, steal, pee on or destroy. One day will be my day.

Today, I was quite succesful  in the escape from the cage. After spending most of last night pulling on chains and rattling these against the cage bars like madness, I managed to move a piece that held the tunnel in place, then squeeze my head through a 1 sq cm hole and well, once my head was through, the rest followed easily. I am not as fat as my sister. I knew running in the wheel every night for hours was useful for something!

Once I escaped first of course I had to scour for food and rubber duckies. I know my owner hid the rubber duckies somewhere. I will find them and once again kidnap them back to my secret hiding place. I don’t know how they manage to escape every time. When I couldn’t find any real food, just a few dishes to lick, I decided to see if I could get online. I must have accidentally hit the wrong button because suddenly, music started playing from the computer and I couldn’t shut it off anymore.

I tried going on google, but my typing skills still leave a lot to be desired for. This is all I got : ‘za4ivi’\i,]iiiiiiiiiii’ So I gave up on going online and started roaming around a little more until suddenly I heard the key in the lock and my owner entered the room. I knew there was no more time to make my great escape so I pretended to be playfully awaiting her and ran onto her bed, cheerfully greeting her and jumping around.

She has me on lockdown now. I was stupid enough to climb out of the cage once more when she was noticing and so she secured the chains and the holes and I am once again locked in. But no worries, I will try again soon!

Sinnikkyys kannattaa!


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