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The fortress

Published October 3, 2012 by Kokomo

Good afternoon you mere mortals. How nice of you to come and visit our splendid blog. Do you like the changes we had our servant make? (Yes, we say servant now, as she practically runs for us and well, we live in a fortress, so we MUST be royal). We’re not too keen on the pink if you ask us, we’d prefer green or yellow, much healthier colors for us rats, but well, we don’t have to live on the blog. Hopefully we do make it come alive.

Very well, all nonsense aside, we need to inform you of our newest favorite hang-out. The fortress. We have had fortresses for many a month now, but the one we have now, the smallest so far, is our absolute favorite. We have decorated it to our taste, and because it is so small, we move it around where we like as well.

Koko on top of the fortress

What is a fortress you ask? Well, first of all, a fortress isn’t a fortress unless it is on the top floor of your cage. I mean really, on the bottom it would be a dungeon, not? The concept is quite simple. You have your servant take a shoe-box and cut two holes in it, one at the bottom, a big one, and one at the top, a smaller one. The one at the bottom is used for entry and the one at the top is small, but we like to make it bigger ourselves. Then the lid of the box is taped to the box and well, it’s pretty much done. The fortress is placed, as said before, on the top floor of the cage so that from the holes, we can overview our entire kingdom.

Trying to squeeze out together, never works…

But the fortress is more than a box. It’s a place to hide from our servant. It’s a place to keep warm in when it’s chilly. It’s a place to snuggle up in together. When we flip it to the side, the wholes are on either side of the box and we use then as windows to lounge in. It’s really the perfect hangout. Who needs a cage with 7 stories when you have a fortress on top?

Peeking out the ‘window’

Yes, the only thing our fortress is missing really, is a constant food and water supply. On the other hand, we are quite trained in dragging food into our fortress to enjoy it in the privacy of our walls. The only real problem we are faced with then is water. Well and the fact that we have to descend 6 floors to be able to relieve ourselves. Oh why bother? We like wet cardboard! Wet, and warm and with our own fine odor filling the room.

Oh hello servant, what is it you wish?

Our servant got the idea for a fortress from some amazing website that of course she did not tell us about, so we are unable to share the link with you. Perhaps you can try googling for ‘rat toys’ or ‘rat fortress’. We wish you the best of luck! It is time for us to retreat to our fortress now. Fare thee well!

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