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Absent miced… minded…

Published November 8, 2012 by Kokomo

Sorry people! So so sorry! Especially to those of you who set out to follow my blog seriously. I have been so

Squishing into a box together, after first molesting the box to pieces 🙂


A lot is going on here, forcing me to add a little bit off topic to this post. I have been home from work for about a week and a half with horrible back-aches. Nothing serious, just should have taken some time to recover and I didn’t. To deal with these aches, I had some physical therapy and had to build up to going back to work ‘full-time’. I can tell you, working with pain is exhausting!

Tomorrow I have another fun doctor’s visit planned; the neurologist, to get an exam on the nerves in my hands. My doctor has told me I have Carpal Tunnel Sydrome and in the hospital they will test to see how far it has progressed and what the method of treatment is going to be. Nothing life-threatening, but it is again exhausting to work with pain, to drop every third thing you pick up, not to be able to open jars or bottles and more of that nonsense.

Ruma is munching on diet bars… why?

Cleaning the cage has now gone from being a nasty job to being a task that takes me about 2 hours. I literally drop EVERYTHING to the floor. Koko and Ruma have been VERY helpful, hiding more and more stuff under the bed, where I can’t reach it. And furthermore, I think someone is trying to become an addition to the pack.

Yes, the mouse, the vermin, the rodent that has infested our house has gathered more and more audacity and the other day I caught it climbing INTO THE CAGE! The ladies were vast a sleep somewhere in the top of the cage and never even noticed a sound (such great instincts these animals have….) but I almost flipped! That stupid menace of an animal! Also, it has been stalking me at night. It comes out around 2 am and starts nibbling on things under the bed. LOUDLY! Oooooh, I just want to hurt it. Until I see how small it is, and realize how cold it is outside, and then I feel bad for the little critter. I shouldn’t I know, it’s a pest, but didn’t people think that way about rats too? So it’s a dilemma, it really is. What to do?

Ok, next post will be a behavior top 5. I have it ready, just need to add photo’s. Thnx for reading!

Ruma posing 🙂 sorry for the high saturation… 😦 BB cam


Guard rats..

Published October 21, 2012 by Kokomo

No really, this is what it looks like!

I have to say, rats have many, many fine qualities, but guarding definitely isn’t one of them. as i have mentioned before; I have a mouse in my apt. And it’s a rather rude one at that. I will have put the ladies back in their cage for barely 10 minutes or Mr. Jingles is sitting under my bed, munching loudly on the ladies’ leftovers. It’s really infuriating to know that mouse goes where my ladies go. But I have so far tried everything in my power to get rid of it. The only method left is to place traps and keep the ladies locked in for a week or so.

I really had the illusion that keeping pet rats, and them spreading their scent everywhere, would keep mice away. Guess again. And apparently my two oh so ‘smart’ ladies are quite unaware of its presence in the house.

On of the methods I tried to chase this mouse away was as soon as I’d hear him, let the ladies out and hopefully they would encounter him. No such luck. I even dreamed about Koko catching it and bringing it to me like a trophy (I think I still have a deep-rooted desire to own a cat). But no, no such luck. The other day I was sitting quietly, typing out my blog and I saw the little terror appearing from under the kitchen. It crawled closer and closer until it was about 20 cm away from the rat cage. In there, not a sign of life though. They must have been very tired or something as they didn’t even blink or open an eye to see what was going on. Nothing.

How did our sweet domesticated rat become so different from its wild ancestor that it doesn’t even pick up the smell of his enemy? Or is it maybe because my ladies are so frigging spoiled that they are never hungry and so their hunting instinct is shot to hell?

When I came home yesterday afternoon, I could see by the glass that was laying on my bed that Ruma had once again escaped and even then, even when she is out of the cage, free ranging in her own time and freedom, she apparently does not fend off this intruder. They are such softies!

After posting this I am off to another cleaning rage through the apt. once again trying to get rid of all the little surprises Koko and Ruma left everywhere, cleaning, vacuuming, cleaning the cage and the kitchen top to bottom. Not the idea I had for spending my free Sunday afternoon.

If anyone has any tips on how to get rid of this evil bacteria carrying terrorist, please feel free to share. Note that I will not take suggestions of mouse traps or poison seriously as I have already ruled those out with my girls running free. God forbid a little tail or paw would get caught or they would eat the poison…

A smart mouse is a well prepared mouse…

C(r)atty behavior!

Published October 11, 2012 by Kokomo

Soooooo, I havn’t been a good blogger lately. So sorry! It’s not that I lack funny or sweet stories, I lacked the mood to post about the ladies. See, last Sunday I returned home from a birthday where I spent a good part of the afternoon with a kitten on my lap. I played around with the little critter and obviously got catsmell all over me. When I got home, the ladies were ready to cuddle as I had been gone all weekend. But as soon as they smelled me, they freaked.

This has happened before, and I knew it was going to take a day or 2 for them to trust my smell again. So, I didn’t spend a lot of time with the ladies, or at home and soon decided blog time was future talk.

What also ruined my mood is the fact that I have discovered a MOUSE! It’s running around when the ladies are caged up and doesn’t seem to be intimidated by their smell at ALL. I just stuffed a really dirty and stinky towel I got out of the cage today in the corner where I know the mouse enters my room and I am HOPING that will keep it away. It sucks because thanks to the ladies, there is food everywhere for mice. In the past, the smell of my rats had always kept the critters away (even when I lived in a mouse infested house), but this one seems to have a mind of it’s own. Now it’s quite hard to distinguish rat-gnawing or mouse-gnawing on my food. I know people may think: what’s the difference? Well, my rats are domesticed and bare NO infectious diseases or bacteria at all. Mice are yucky!

But, back to the reason why I got back to posting. Today, the ladies were running around freely and as Koko was being her annoying and destroying self, Ruma had other plans. I am not sure if she was tired or maybe she’s not feeling very well, but the little madam, after climbing through my clothes twice, sat down on my right hand, right in the palm and started washing herself. Not a big exception, she does wash herself 2/3 of the day, but today was different. She washed and washed and itched and scratched and occasionally licked my hands and when she was finished, after about 7 minutes, she curled up and settled down. IN THE PALM OF MY HAND!

We’re talking a female rat here, infamous for not being able to sit still, and above that Ruma, who never likes to sleep in an open space.

To top all of this off, madam starts bruxing and boggling. With her little paws she grabs my thumb and holds on tightly to it and I manage to grab my phone with my left hand and capture this amazingly endearing moment. I managed to keep her there, and Koko away, for about ten minutes until my hand felt like it was going to fall off. I tried switching hands but I disturbed her too much and after some time, she buggered off on her own.

These moments remind me why I love rats. They are as stubborn as cats but when you get their affection, it is SO well deserved. Someone is going to have one good night’s sleep tonight! (despite of that STUPID mouse). <3<3<3

Curled up and ready to nap

Holding my owner’s paw tight!

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