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A new beginning

Published May 9, 2013 by Kokomo

–crap I thought I’d already posted this! —


Of course our goodbye to Valo was sad. It was very hard losing her after trying so hard to keep her healthy and feeling so powerless when she had those attacks. But after she passed, Maarit stayed behind alone. I tried putting Ruma with her, but the poor thing just fled and started pooping immediately. I knew this wasn’t going to be a match, so I had to start looking for a new buddy.

At first I had my mind set on a castrated male, because I really wanted to give a male a try. After some emails and phonecalls I found out that there may have been 1 male (c) available but he was very large, and contact with the shelter took a long time. I hadn’t gone to the shelter that Valo came from yet, because she was closed and in quarantine for a while, because she had a virus going round. I figured I didn’t want to wait forever to find a buddy for Maarit, so I had contacted another shelter first. But since she was a little slow in responding, it was decided that on the Monday that I had to go back into surgery for my left hand (this was last monday), I was going to bring over Maarit and she would try to match her.

Well, she tried a few options and then one of them turned out to be a match! I went over to visit her wednesday, to see how they were doing, and the intro was going so well, what when my dad brought me back to my own house that night, we picked up the ladies first. SO without further ado, I’d like to introduce y’all to my new lady-friend; Lumi (snow in Finnish)

(yeah, try and take good pictures of a white rat when it’s already dark and you’re using a flash…)

Yeah, white and shiny! ;)

Yeah, white and shiny! 😉

Lumi is white, with red-eyes. She was ‘rescued’ from a lab in Austria in december 2012, together with about 20 other rats and estimated at about 1 year old at that time (same as Koko and Ruma).

Very curious little girl!

Very curious little girl!

Lumi was quite sick during the period the shelter had a virus, her eyes were infected and swollen, but she has recovered now.

Did you put food here?

Did you put food here?

Lumi didn’t have a name yet, as she had come in with quite a few wite red-eyes. I went looking for another Finnish name and I really liked the Finnish word for snow.

This smells YUMMY!

This smells YUMMY!

Lumi is, even though she’s a labrat, very human-oriented. She shows up the door right away when she hears me. he’s not a big fan of being picked up, but once you have her with you, she sits with you quietly and comfortly 🙂



Yeah, so better pics will be posted soon! But for now, a nice first impression!


Rats vs kids

Published November 17, 2012 by Kokomo

Are pet rats just like kids? In some aspects, YES THEY ARE!

1. All candy will be stolen and eaten or hidden away.

2. Any wet surface can and MUST be licked.

3. Things aren’t hot until they burn themselves on it.

4. No glass with a drink in it can be left untouched.

We can ALL share

5. Rubber duckies are the best thing ever, especially for putting in your mouth.

6. They never see danger coming.

7. When they fall, they always double over and it looks like they are breaking their necks. 😦

8. They eat, poop, sleep and get into trouble basically.

9. Flinging poop can be SO MUCH fun.

10. Anything breakable must be tested.

11. If it smells like chocolate, it is chocolate and they will eat it.

Tomato? what tomato? I smell chocolate!

12. If it’s quiet for longer then 5 minutes, you KNOW they are up to something.

13. Plastic makes the best sound in the world.

14. EVERYTHING must be tasted.

15. Whatever part of the house you just cleaned, they find it and mess it up.

16. Smartphones are a whole world of fun.

17. Sitting still for a picture is the hardest thing in the world.

Nice and blurry

18. If they can see through it, they can squeeze themselves stuck in it.

19. If they can’t see on top of it, they must climb on top of it.

20. Medicine and chemicals are candy, right?

21. Bath time is fun time.

22. New toys are the best to destroy.

But, we can’t deny it, we love them like crazy! ❤

The C(r)at in the bag

Published October 19, 2012 by Kokomo

So when I woke up this morning I decided to let the ladies out as I was still a little sleep drunken. I am home from work for a few days as my back is not properly functioning and this has the ladies all confused because I am home ALL day but I don’t let them out of their cage ALL day (I just don’t have the energy to keep puling them out of places they shouldn’t be). I made myself some coffee and then figured I had all the time in the world to post a new blog. YAY. And then I sat down and realized, I can think of various topics to blog about, but I don’t have any cool pics to put on the blog. And let’s be honest. A blog just ain’t a blog without pics.

Luckily, my ladies seem to understand what I am thinking. I heard some crackling behind me and turned around to find Koko having the time of her life inside the bag that was used to ship my new powercord to me. It has that plastic with the little bubbles inside it. And me oh my was she enjoying this bag.

MY bag. Yes, all MINE. I’m sooooooo excited!

Obviously it wasn’t long before Ruma came sniffing about, finding out what interesting thins Koko was up to. And yes, she too crawled in the bag by the time Koko’s attention span had faded (usually a good 2 minutes).

Great ass shot!

Please excuse the mess. The bag was in my ‘this-is-where-I-put-all-stuff-that-has-no-place-yet-box’ and it’s time to empty that box, before Koko and Ruma do it for me.

As I was enjoying this view of Ruma’s ass, I remembered I had seen this before. In a different setting though. So I went through my pictures and this is what I found:

This smells SO yummy!

Mind you, the bag was empty and this was obviously well before my linky post. Ruma loves the smell of chocolate and licorice and will try to get her little paws on it whenever she can. Little deviant! 🙂

So yeah, the ladies once again reminded my of why they are such great pets. They will always create a great photo opportunity.( It’s just the lack of proper equipment that makes the pictures not so great :(. If you’d like to donate towards this good cause, just let me know! )

It is therefor that the title of this post should definitely be: The rat in the bag. Because I couldn’t be happier with my two ladies 🙂 (although chaoticscribbles, I might devote a whole post to their nasty behaviors as well!)

Hyvää päivää!

Did I buy a rat in a bag?


Published September 26, 2012 by Kokomo

Have you met Ruma?

Lately, this is who she reminds me of. Mostly she is running around stealing things and hiding them. Crawling in things he REALLY is’t supposed to crawl into (my laundry basket, my kitchen sink, the trash bag, an oven dish covered in aluminum foil), climbing my leg ALL the time. Jumping around being defensive. Grooming Koko all the time, which makes Koko whine like the little girl she is… Escaping the cage (not as often as before but I can NEVER accidentally leave a door open, she will go out), gnawing through things, moving the shoe-box on the top floor of the cage up side down and mostly, pulling the chain that holds the tunnel in place. She can seriously try to pull this chain into the cage for 10 minutes on end and then start all over again half an hour later.

But, when I take her out, and she sits on my hands, licking my fingers, licking my face, crawling in my t-shirt, holding my nose with two paws while licking my forehead (I swear when it’s your own pets it’s not gross) or just sits somewhere very close to me while she grooms herself. Suddenly this video pops up in my head:

And I realize, she is just a misunderstood, tortured (by Koko), peabrained little rat in FULL-ON puberty. And I remember how much I adore her.

Ahhhh the life of a rat owner is sweet :).

Sweetest-natured rat I ever had ❤

Thank you!

Published September 24, 2012 by Kokomo

Gosh, our owner really wanted to go to bed on time today, but then she saw that yesterday, we had 34 views! In the first 10 days that is waaaaaay cool! We feel very honored and pleased that people come and read about our adventures. We have readers from the Netherlands, Germany, US, China and even the Philippines (how did that happen?). And WHO is following us from Trinidad and Tobago? Wow. We are just two little, mischievous, naughty rats, doing our business (and boy, our business can stink up the place 🙂 )

So, not just from us but from our owner, here is a very heartfelt THANKYOU! Kiitos!


Please keep reading, following, liking, commenting, reblogging and sharing. We’ll try to update as often as we can.

Koko and Ruma ❤

The very rare moments…

Published September 22, 2012 by Kokomo

I very purposely chose to have ladies when I got rats. The one downside, for me, about pet rats is that they leave a urine trace. We can pretend it’s not there, but they do. Urine of male rats smells so much stronger than that of females that it pushed me over the edge to choose the other sex. I like letting my rats run around free, which means they leave little traces wherever they go. I would go insane if I had to clean up after male rats ALL the time. So, I chose girls. With all the consequences and behaviors they come with.

Running freely under the blankets.

Female rats are very active. They like exploring, running around, climbing on things and discovering new things to play with. They do NOT like sitting still. They don’t like being held, cuddled, kissed and petted. They will try to squirm out of your hands and they will use their nails to do it. They are always moving. Except when they sleep. And they always sleep somewhere hidden away (unless you don’t provide this for them, which would be quite cruel). They sleep together, tucked in a box, a plastic bowl, anything that contains their heat and gives them privacy. My girls love sleeping either in the shoebox on the top floor of their cage or in one of the hammocks I put up.

But on occasion, they will make a cute little nest in the towels I put on the bottom of the cage. And every now and then, I manage to pass the cage without waking them up. Or they will wake up but be too sleepy to run around and be active. These moments I try to open the cage and pet them. I must again say, these moments are extremely rare, especially with Koko who just isn’t a very loving rat. Ruma will always lick my hands, arms and face when I hold her and she does this to strangers as well.

Today I had a very rare moment with Koko. She was lying in the towel on the bottom, I pulled out the tunnel (<- more on this later) and stuck my hand in the cage. First I stroked her over her back for a while, until she kept turning her head towards my hand. So I scratched under her chin on the sides, very gently. She started bruxing and then boggling, which is also a very rare thing for her to show me (I know she does it off and on, but usually I can only hear her). Then, on top of this already very intimate moment, she starts licking my finger. And not just a little lick, no, she goes all at it and makes sure she covers the whole finger. This is such un-Koko-like behavior, it touched me straight in my heart. Koko NEVER licks fingers unless there’s something on it she wants to eat.

Through all the hassle they give me on a daily basis, the fact that their poop can stink worse than a dog’s (HOW do they do that?) and they make a mess of the surroundings of their (giant!) cage, my kitchen and living room; these moments make me realize why I LOVE having rats. Besides the fact that they are highly trainable with the right amount of patience and treats, they aren’t quick to trust. Once they do though, you realize it was SO worth all the effort. I’ve had these ladies for 7 months now, I let them out almost every day and I haven’t been away from them for longer than 3 weeks (only once), and today was the first time Koko truly showed me some affection. My heart’s all mushy now 🙂 ❤

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