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The C(r)at in the bag

Published October 19, 2012 by Kokomo

So when I woke up this morning I decided to let the ladies out as I was still a little sleep drunken. I am home from work for a few days as my back is not properly functioning and this has the ladies all confused because I am home ALL day but I don’t let them out of their cage ALL day (I just don’t have the energy to keep puling them out of places they shouldn’t be). I made myself some coffee and then figured I had all the time in the world to post a new blog. YAY. And then I sat down and realized, I can think of various topics to blog about, but I don’t have any cool pics to put on the blog. And let’s be honest. A blog just ain’t a blog without pics.

Luckily, my ladies seem to understand what I am thinking. I heard some crackling behind me and turned around to find Koko having the time of her life inside the bag that was used to ship my new powercord to me. It has that plastic with the little bubbles inside it. And me oh my was she enjoying this bag.

MY bag. Yes, all MINE. I’m sooooooo excited!

Obviously it wasn’t long before Ruma came sniffing about, finding out what interesting thins Koko was up to. And yes, she too crawled in the bag by the time Koko’s attention span had faded (usually a good 2 minutes).

Great ass shot!

Please excuse the mess. The bag was in my ‘this-is-where-I-put-all-stuff-that-has-no-place-yet-box’ and it’s time to empty that box, before Koko and Ruma do it for me.

As I was enjoying this view of Ruma’s ass, I remembered I had seen this before. In a different setting though. So I went through my pictures and this is what I found:

This smells SO yummy!

Mind you, the bag was empty and this was obviously well before my linky post. Ruma loves the smell of chocolate and licorice and will try to get her little paws on it whenever she can. Little deviant! 🙂

So yeah, the ladies once again reminded my of why they are such great pets. They will always create a great photo opportunity.( It’s just the lack of proper equipment that makes the pictures not so great :(. If you’d like to donate towards this good cause, just let me know! )

It is therefor that the title of this post should definitely be: The rat in the bag. Because I couldn’t be happier with my two ladies 🙂 (although chaoticscribbles, I might devote a whole post to their nasty behaviors as well!)

Hyvää päivää!

Did I buy a rat in a bag?


Introduction to the pea-pool

Published September 23, 2012 by Kokomo

Oh my how much fun we had today! Many times now I have seen posts by people putting a bowl of water with peas in it down for their rats, and today it was finally my girls’ turn to try this phenomenon. I know they love frozen peas, I have given them dishes of peas before and they would disappear in no time (just like frozen shrimp coincidentally). But, I also know they hate water. I have tried every which way to get them to take a bath. The bottom of a cage, propped up on one side, filled with lukewarm water, rocks and other toys. The sink, filled with lukewarm water and a ladder, and when they had found their way into the shower, I tried carefully turning the faucet on. They hate every thing. No water pleaaaaaaaase! I cannot count the scratches they gave me in scared attempts to escape the water. So a bowl of water with peas would be a novelty. I decided to take a deep plate, something shallow to start off with. And put not too many, but enough to drift to the sides, peas in it.

The dish with peas.

The ladies were already running free when I set the dish down, but I sat down next to in and that, to them, is always an invitation to come see what’s going on. Soon enough Koko discovered the dish and fished out a pea from the edge. Within a matter of seconds, Ruma joined her, but, seeing as Ruma is never as hungry as her big sister, she was more careful and firstly sniffed around. When she found out there were peas the dish, she happily attacked them as well. This disturbed Koko who then ran off under the bed with her pea. She undoubtedly peeled the pea and left the cover under my bed. Quickly she came running back and repeated the process. After a few peas she felt safer and just sat by the dish eating them. Ruma was done after 4 or 5 peas and trailed off climbing my shoulders. This gave Koko even more confidence and soon enough I found her siting in the middle of the dish, IN the water, eating her peas. Good girl. She ate, and ate and ate and then, with her wet and cold feet, climbed on my lap to warm up and get some approving petting from me. Aren’t they adorable? I took the opportunity to shoot like a madman with my camera so below is a gallery with some awesome shots that I have never managed before. Next time I need pics? Put out a dish of peas! 🙂 Enjoy!

Koko carefully trying…

Trying together (I love this shot)









Eating together

Koko drying of her snout. It’s soooo wet! 😛









Greedy Koko in the dish.

Ruma close-up. Gosh this is my favorite shot ❤














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