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Good news!

Published April 13, 2013 by Kokomo

Oh me Oh my. I have been one shamefully absent blogger these past weeks! Most of that is due t the still medicating my rats every single day, and the decrease of energy from going back to my normal work-routine, which is still costing me energy as my hand hasn’t properly healed yet. It’s on the way though, and I suspect that before my next operation (left), I will be capable of almost everything I was before again.

Luckily, in rat land, peace has been restored. For now. I haven’t actually been to the vet in at least three weeks and the ladies seem to be doing fine. Two weeks ago, after all the bad news we had gotten, emergency visits to the vets, another cure of antibiotics for Valo AND a de-licing cure for all four (yes, we had lice), Koko started waking up with red eyes. Now I now what porfyrine is, and I know that’s what is was, mostly, but underneath, the skin was also kind of reddish and it seemed somewhat swollen on her right eye. Poor thing. For a second there, I again saw myself running up and down the vets office twice a week, again. But on the forum someone gave me the smart advice to give my ladies echinacea in their drinking water. Their immune system was probably a little low, making them also susceptible for the lice. So I did. Koko loved the water with echinacea, funnily, Valo and Maarit were not so charmed. And after about 6-8 days, no more red eyes. Yesterday I noticed something going on with Maarit’s good eye (the one that was infected is now ruined, she is clearly blind on that eye and it never went back to normal size), that looked quite the same as Koko’s eye. I had stopped giving them echinacea after a few days as they really didn’t like it, but I have now put it back in their waterbottle. That’s quite an issue though, because they seem to barely drink now. Going to try to give it to them in babyfood later.

But besides a little red eyes, the ladies are doing really well! They are eating well, sleeping a lot 😉 But all four are playfull at night, dying for attention. Maarit and Valo are well on their way to fully trusting me and Koko and Ruma are their insane selves. Ruma insists on climbing on top of the cage everytime she is let out, to observe who’s living in the top part. It has given her a few sore toes over the weeks, as Valo can get defensive when Ruma is being the nosy peeper. Koko on the other hand is very content with just waddling around the room, scouring for food or anything that smells interesting, or just roaming around in her paper nest or gnawing on an old plastic bottle that is hidden somewhere under the bed :).

So, without further ado, I will now bore you with some more pics of tha ladies and hope to be back to regular blogging soon!

Little sleepy ball <3

Little sleepy ball ❤


Sweet face! (this was before her eye went bad)

Sweet face! (this was before her eye went bad)


Arrrr, why's ya wakin' me? (my attempt to piratlingo)

Arrrr, why’s ya wakin’ me? (my attempt to piratlingo)


Nap time in the mini-duna

Nap time in the mini-duna


Ya can't see me!

Ya can’t see me!



The cuddles, the cuddles!

Published February 1, 2013 by Kokomo

How very often I get the sweetest cuddles from little Ruma. She climbs into my clothes (especially when I lie on my belly on my bed), licks my hands and my face, loves sitting in my lap and washing herself and on occasion likes to explore my ears (the weirdest tickle you’ve ever felt!). Whenever she has done something she shouldn’t, which is about every 10 minutes, or one of her adventurous actions fails and ends in her falling off something, she comes running to me to get some reassuring cuddles. I really love it when I sit on my bed, legs crossed, laptop on my lap, there’s a hole under the laptop where she can sit for fifteen minutes if she’s calm enough and just wash herself and relax. I can always count on my little Ruma to come and give me cuddles.

Ruma kisses <3

Ruma kisses ❤

This is also one of the reasons I got these two. I had just lost my job, a new job that I actually liked, and I knew I was going to be at home, looking for a new job. I had spent quite some time home alone just months before recovering from a burn-out and I knew I needed something other than my laptop to keep me entertained. I remembered the great times I had with my old rats and went out and bought Koko on the day I got laid off. Still no regrets. Most of the time…

Koko on the other hand; I think she is not as smart as her little sister. I really do compare the two to pinky and the brain most of the time. Koko was always more held back than Ruma, even in the beginning she didn’t like to sit still. Now obviously, her weight is causing her to be slower than Ruma, although she manages to escape when I try to grab her to go back into the cage more often than I like. Anyhow, she does not like to sit still and be cuddled. But, lately, she has been getting better about it. The other day, I picked her up and flipped her over on her back into my two hands (she can’t sit on one), because I just wanted to rub my check against her ADORABLE fat belly. It’s the softest EVER. She let me turn her over, she wasn’t too keen on the belly rubbing, but when I started massaging her little shoulders and ears, she quite complacently just laid there. Slowly her little eyes closed and her little mouth widened. I did my best not to burst out in laughter because the view of a rat on her back with her mouth open is hysterical I can tell you! (Alas, no hands left to take pictures) She seemed to thoroughly enjoy getting a little backrub and so I have found a way to cuddle my Kokomo! ❤

Trying to cuddle with Koko

Trying to cuddle with Koko

Hopefully we’ll have many more cuddles to come!

P.S. Sorry for the crappy quality pics. I guess we have established the cam on my phone is awful, but alass, no money for a good one…

First bleed

Published December 2, 2012 by Kokomo

I have to shamefully admit that lately my time has been swallowed up by something that has everything to do with my rats, but absolutely nothing with blogging. I found a rat-forum that I am absolutely addicted to. Every 2 minutes I click it and refresh to see if there are new messages, it’s pathetic, even by my own standards ;).

There are SO many adorable pictures, amazing ideas for toys and decorations, tips, funny stories, sad stories, secondhand accessories, and you-name-it that is keeping me absolutely mesmerized :). I could share the link here but I wonder how many of you can read Dutch and understand :).

This week has been not very eventful at all. The ladies have been eating, sleeping and pooping as usual. I have been busy working mostly, so we didn’t really have any adventures, until this morning. All seemed well as the ladies were roaming free, until Ruma came passing by with a big red blooddrop on her ear. Good mommy as I am, I only panicked on the inside and very calmly wiped the blood off her ear. Just a few minutes before they had been playing a bit rough under the blankets with me so I figured that would have been the cause.  Ruma herself didn’t seem very bothered with it, she was just her busy, adventurous, mischievous self and kept licking me as if I were the best treat ever. I realized this is actually the first time one of the ladies bled since I got them in February. How lucky am I!

I have been reading many a horror story about injuries and healthproblems on the forum, so I am happy I’ve only had to deal with this so far. I’m keeping a close eye on her ear to make sure it doesn’t get infected (reminds me of poor Casper!) and besides that I am giving her just a little bit more love than usual. Will keep you updated on the state of her ear.



My sweet, darling, innocent Ruma ❤

Why everyone should get pet rats!

Published November 10, 2012 by Kokomo

Giving my human kisses!


Following up on my post about bad habits, this post will be about how wonderful and funny and smart and sweet my ratties can be and why they make great pets. I could write on and on and on and on and well, on about it forever, but

Sweet Ruma grooming herself.

instead I have decided to give you a top 5. Sorry, couldn’t stick to just 3, I had to make it 5. Enjoy!

5. Grooming 

Studies have shown that rats spend 1/3 of their day grooming themselves. That is twice as much a cats do! To that time you can add the time they spend grooming each other. Depending on the size of your pack, that time can vary. My Ruma also likes to spend time grooming me and on a lucky day, Koko will start fishing around in my hair. Rats are clean. Cleaner than cats, WAY cleaner than dogs. If your rat smells, you need to clean the cage, simple as that. They smell bad, because the cage smells bad.

4. Tail wagging

I am sure most of you have never heard of this behavior, but it exists and it is damn cute! This site has dedicated a well 2 lines to this behavior as it is not well researched and no one knows for sure why they do it. I have caught both my ladies doing it and strangly, they were both sitting in nearly the same spot, facing in the same direction. Ruma does it more often, but I have also spotted Koko doing it. Now it’s nothing to be compared to dogs or cats wagging their tales. It’s a quick, almost nervous movement that makes the tail wag quickly and shortly. It’s just so darn cute.

3. Companionship

Rats are, like cats, very independent, they will decide what they do, when they do it and no human can change that. Like dogs, they can learn quickly and if you reward them, but also very much on their own. But they differ from dogs and cats in that they like to be together. I mean, sure, lot’s of people have 2 or more dogs or cats, but those animals do fine when they are alone in the family.

Sharing my drink together

Keeping a rat alone, not such a good idea. Rats live in packs in the wild and even though the domesticated rat is hardly to be compared to the wild one, they still like to be in a pack. A pack can be two, if, like me, you don’t like cleaning the cage every 3 days and don’t have a fortune to spend on food. It’s so adorable to see them together, grooming, playing, sleeping.

I am going to help you type this, so you don’t make any mistakes.

2. Playfulness

Rats are nocturnal by nature but very adaptable in this rythm. They don’t need as much sleep as hamsters for instance, so they will wake up during the day, according to your rythm and are ready to play whenever you like. I’ve played with my girls during all times of the day. It doesn’t really matter what time I get up, as soon as they hear me scurrying about, they come out of their sleeping mode and greet

I’m up, I’m up!

me warmly. Day and night, they are ready to come out, play, cuddle and explore.

1. Bruxing and Boggling

To some people this may seem scary, because of the eyes bulging out of their sockets (see a video here) but to a true ratlover, there is nothing better. It can be compared to a cat purring and it means the rat is very relaxed, and very happy. It’s not behavior they show everyday, so when I do catch them doing it, it makes me so happy because it means I am taking good care of my ladies.

So there you have it. Now if this hasn’t convinced you to buy rats, perhaps you should see some adorable pictures here.

Like birds of a feather…

Jus’ chillin’

Olemme niin söpö

Napping close to my human.

Absent miced… minded…

Published November 8, 2012 by Kokomo

Sorry people! So so sorry! Especially to those of you who set out to follow my blog seriously. I have been so

Squishing into a box together, after first molesting the box to pieces 🙂


A lot is going on here, forcing me to add a little bit off topic to this post. I have been home from work for about a week and a half with horrible back-aches. Nothing serious, just should have taken some time to recover and I didn’t. To deal with these aches, I had some physical therapy and had to build up to going back to work ‘full-time’. I can tell you, working with pain is exhausting!

Tomorrow I have another fun doctor’s visit planned; the neurologist, to get an exam on the nerves in my hands. My doctor has told me I have Carpal Tunnel Sydrome and in the hospital they will test to see how far it has progressed and what the method of treatment is going to be. Nothing life-threatening, but it is again exhausting to work with pain, to drop every third thing you pick up, not to be able to open jars or bottles and more of that nonsense.

Ruma is munching on diet bars… why?

Cleaning the cage has now gone from being a nasty job to being a task that takes me about 2 hours. I literally drop EVERYTHING to the floor. Koko and Ruma have been VERY helpful, hiding more and more stuff under the bed, where I can’t reach it. And furthermore, I think someone is trying to become an addition to the pack.

Yes, the mouse, the vermin, the rodent that has infested our house has gathered more and more audacity and the other day I caught it climbing INTO THE CAGE! The ladies were vast a sleep somewhere in the top of the cage and never even noticed a sound (such great instincts these animals have….) but I almost flipped! That stupid menace of an animal! Also, it has been stalking me at night. It comes out around 2 am and starts nibbling on things under the bed. LOUDLY! Oooooh, I just want to hurt it. Until I see how small it is, and realize how cold it is outside, and then I feel bad for the little critter. I shouldn’t I know, it’s a pest, but didn’t people think that way about rats too? So it’s a dilemma, it really is. What to do?

Ok, next post will be a behavior top 5. I have it ready, just need to add photo’s. Thnx for reading!

Ruma posing 🙂 sorry for the high saturation… 😦 BB cam

The C(r)at in the bag

Published October 19, 2012 by Kokomo

So when I woke up this morning I decided to let the ladies out as I was still a little sleep drunken. I am home from work for a few days as my back is not properly functioning and this has the ladies all confused because I am home ALL day but I don’t let them out of their cage ALL day (I just don’t have the energy to keep puling them out of places they shouldn’t be). I made myself some coffee and then figured I had all the time in the world to post a new blog. YAY. And then I sat down and realized, I can think of various topics to blog about, but I don’t have any cool pics to put on the blog. And let’s be honest. A blog just ain’t a blog without pics.

Luckily, my ladies seem to understand what I am thinking. I heard some crackling behind me and turned around to find Koko having the time of her life inside the bag that was used to ship my new powercord to me. It has that plastic with the little bubbles inside it. And me oh my was she enjoying this bag.

MY bag. Yes, all MINE. I’m sooooooo excited!

Obviously it wasn’t long before Ruma came sniffing about, finding out what interesting thins Koko was up to. And yes, she too crawled in the bag by the time Koko’s attention span had faded (usually a good 2 minutes).

Great ass shot!

Please excuse the mess. The bag was in my ‘this-is-where-I-put-all-stuff-that-has-no-place-yet-box’ and it’s time to empty that box, before Koko and Ruma do it for me.

As I was enjoying this view of Ruma’s ass, I remembered I had seen this before. In a different setting though. So I went through my pictures and this is what I found:

This smells SO yummy!

Mind you, the bag was empty and this was obviously well before my linky post. Ruma loves the smell of chocolate and licorice and will try to get her little paws on it whenever she can. Little deviant! 🙂

So yeah, the ladies once again reminded my of why they are such great pets. They will always create a great photo opportunity.( It’s just the lack of proper equipment that makes the pictures not so great :(. If you’d like to donate towards this good cause, just let me know! )

It is therefor that the title of this post should definitely be: The rat in the bag. Because I couldn’t be happier with my two ladies 🙂 (although chaoticscribbles, I might devote a whole post to their nasty behaviors as well!)

Hyvää päivää!

Did I buy a rat in a bag?

Ruh roh!

Published October 18, 2012 by Kokomo

I have been VERY absent here and it has not made my ladies proud. But in my defense they have gotten waaaaaaay more attention than normal because I couldn’t give all my attention to the laptop. See, my little deviants, they were so done with me sitting behind that square screen every night, they gnawed through my powercord. Ohyeah! One of their more proud days. And they managed not to get themselves electrocuted. But sadly for them, it took me only 5 days to replace my powercord so now I’m back on.

They have been keeping themselves very busy in the mean time. They have managed a bunch of new escape attempts and some of them they nailed perfectly! One night, Ruma escaped 4 times and Koko managed to escape one more time around 6 am. She crawled into bed with me and woke me up! HAHA! Serves me, they need ATTENTION! ALL THE TIME!

They are now, once again, properly locked behind bars, although Ruma spends a good part of the day, and night, pulling and dragging on the chains that cover our one and only escape hole. She is quite the Houdini, so one day…. all they need is patience and perseverance. Ruma has a bunch of this. Mostly persevereance I think. As I am typing I am watching her pull the chains and once again… escape! ruhroh! It’s time to redesign the tunnel and once again keep her behind bars!

Don’t get me wrong, I love cuddletime with little Ruma. But her getting out whenever she wants, not so handy! Either way, weekend’s on it’s way, so I promise more adventures by then!

Urhm… WE are very innocent, can’t you see?

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