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Published April 14, 2013 by Kokomo

Ok, I am not allowed to post good news anymore…

Just a while after my post yesterday, Valo had another attack. For some reason she cannot breathe through her nose anymore and she ends up gasping for air through her mouth. It’s a very disturbing sound and sight. I’ve been to the vet for this, more than once, and she has gotten 2 cures of antibiotics for it. While she’s on the cure, things are usually fine, but once she gets off it, the attacks just come back. The cause isn’t exactly clear, the vet thinks she has a small tumor in her nose, and it can congest the whole airflow. They cannot actually look for it as her tiny nose is too small to look into or even take x-rays of. If she’s really lucky, she also gets a heavy nosebleed.

Yesterday I was walking to the bathroom when I heard a snort that didn’t sound like Maarit’s snorts. I looked at the cage and saw it was Valo. When she has these attacks, I usually take her out of the cage, try to give her nosedrops and keep her calm. Yesterday, after the nosedrops, her nose quite quickly opened up, but then the bleeding began. Even still, the bleeding wasn’t too heavy, so after she had started breathing normally again, I put her back in the cage with Maarit. I did find some bloody splatters all over the cage later, but it wasn’t a heavy nosebleed.

This is a video I shot when she first started having these attacks. The vet asked me to film it so I could always show them.

When I checked on the ladies later that night, I again noticed some blood coming out of her nose. It was just a few drops again, but I couldn’t imagine her feeling good, so I gave her some painmeds and put her in the miniduna for the night. When I woke up this morning, she seemed ok again. She had completely messed up her cage, and was hiding under the fleece on the bottom, but she had eaten, pooped and drank, so I figured she felt good enough to go back to Maarit. Her furr had come back down, which is also a sign of them feeling better.

She wasn’t in the cage for more than 30 minutes when I heard her again… The poor thing had another attack. I didn’t think twice, I picked her up, gave her nosedrops and put her back in the Duna. I feel bad for robbing her of her little playmate, companion and her own safe space. But about 10 minutes after I put her in, she started breathing normally again. So I guess I am keeping her in there for another day, just to make sure she recovers from all this. And tomorrow I shall stop by the vet to get some new meds.

Here we go again….:(


A panicky scare!

Published March 2, 2013 by Kokomo

In the second week after my operation, I found that Maarit was just sneezing and snottering a little too much for my taste, and I was slightly disturbed by all the biting that Valo was doing. Just my by the way, not Maarit. So I decided to ask my dear rat-hating dad, who had also made a plexi-glass separating plate for the cage, to drive me to the vet.

As she took Maarit out of the travelcase, the little devil of a girl just sat in her arms. Docile, calm. Not so much sick, but just… relaxed. Way more then she had relaxed with me so far.

The vet listened to both ladies and thankfully, they were both ok. Maarit did get a cure of antibiotics to get rid of that nasty cold, but Valo was all clear. Healthy, happy, at a good weight and looking fine.

The next day, I went to give Maarit her AB’s and fed it to her mixed with babyfood. Afterwards I decided to give Valo some of this too. Bad choice. Within a few minutes, Valo jumped out of the sputnik, ran to the bottom of the cage and started breathing heavily, through her mouth. It took me about 10 minutes to arrive into a state of complete panic, complete with sobbing, crying and calling just about everyone I know.

I still wasn’t able to drive a car myself, so I called my friend who had planned on coming over a little later. He rushed over to me, but it still took too long for me. I was panicking, stressing out and just wanted to gogogo! After a few attempts, I got hold of the lady of the shelter that Valo used to be in. Thankfully, she was able to calm me down and talk me through the whole thing, as I was waiting for my friend to come. In the mean time, I had called the vet’s office at least 3 times. I had put Valo in the travelcase and watched her closely. Her ears were turning white, her lower lip was turning blue and she was kind of dropping herself on her right side. I was sure it was over.

Right before my friend arrived, she had started sneezing and snorting and the heavy breathing had surpassed. As we arrived at the vet’s everything was fine with the world again and she was active and seemed happy. The vet gave her an injection of antibiotics and gave me a dose to start giving 2 days after the visit, if things hadn’t gotten better.

So there we went again. More meds to give, but hopefull she would recover. For the next 3 days, every morning, clockwise between 9 and 9.30 am, Valo started ‘hyperventilating’ again. The sound woke me up 3 mornings in a row. Obviously I didn’t panic that much anymore, and on the second day, I got the advise to give her nosedrops. Miraculously, these seemed to work, because after 3 days (and 4 days of meds) the attacks stopped.

She probably choked on some food and had some left overs stuck in her system, or perhaps damaged her airpipe in her panic attack.

What I have learned from the whole experience is that I NEVER, EVER want to see a rat getting into this condition again. There’s probably nothing worse than seeing a rat choke. And to illustrate, I uploaded a vid (the vet had asked me to tape it in case it kept happening). You be the judge. (the cracking sound is my bandage rubbing against the phone..)

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