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Good news!

Published April 13, 2013 by Kokomo

Oh me Oh my. I have been one shamefully absent blogger these past weeks! Most of that is due t the still medicating my rats every single day, and the decrease of energy from going back to my normal work-routine, which is still costing me energy as my hand hasn’t properly healed yet. It’s on the way though, and I suspect that before my next operation (left), I will be capable of almost everything I was before again.

Luckily, in rat land, peace has been restored. For now. I haven’t actually been to the vet in at least three weeks and the ladies seem to be doing fine. Two weeks ago, after all the bad news we had gotten, emergency visits to the vets, another cure of antibiotics for Valo AND a de-licing cure for all four (yes, we had lice), Koko started waking up with red eyes. Now I now what porfyrine is, and I know that’s what is was, mostly, but underneath, the skin was also kind of reddish and it seemed somewhat swollen on her right eye. Poor thing. For a second there, I again saw myself running up and down the vets office twice a week, again. But on the forum someone gave me the smart advice to give my ladies echinacea in their drinking water. Their immune system was probably a little low, making them also susceptible for the lice. So I did. Koko loved the water with echinacea, funnily, Valo and Maarit were not so charmed. And after about 6-8 days, no more red eyes. Yesterday I noticed something going on with Maarit’s good eye (the one that was infected is now ruined, she is clearly blind on that eye and it never went back to normal size), that looked quite the same as Koko’s eye. I had stopped giving them echinacea after a few days as they really didn’t like it, but I have now put it back in their waterbottle. That’s quite an issue though, because they seem to barely drink now. Going to try to give it to them in babyfood later.

But besides a little red eyes, the ladies are doing really well! They are eating well, sleeping a lot 😉 But all four are playfull at night, dying for attention. Maarit and Valo are well on their way to fully trusting me and Koko and Ruma are their insane selves. Ruma insists on climbing on top of the cage everytime she is let out, to observe who’s living in the top part. It has given her a few sore toes over the weeks, as Valo can get defensive when Ruma is being the nosy peeper. Koko on the other hand is very content with just waddling around the room, scouring for food or anything that smells interesting, or just roaming around in her paper nest or gnawing on an old plastic bottle that is hidden somewhere under the bed :).

So, without further ado, I will now bore you with some more pics of tha ladies and hope to be back to regular blogging soon!

Little sleepy ball <3

Little sleepy ball ❤


Sweet face! (this was before her eye went bad)

Sweet face! (this was before her eye went bad)


Arrrr, why's ya wakin' me? (my attempt to piratlingo)

Arrrr, why’s ya wakin’ me? (my attempt to piratlingo)


Nap time in the mini-duna

Nap time in the mini-duna


Ya can't see me!

Ya can’t see me!



Rats vs kids

Published November 17, 2012 by Kokomo

Are pet rats just like kids? In some aspects, YES THEY ARE!

1. All candy will be stolen and eaten or hidden away.

2. Any wet surface can and MUST be licked.

3. Things aren’t hot until they burn themselves on it.

4. No glass with a drink in it can be left untouched.

We can ALL share

5. Rubber duckies are the best thing ever, especially for putting in your mouth.

6. They never see danger coming.

7. When they fall, they always double over and it looks like they are breaking their necks. 😦

8. They eat, poop, sleep and get into trouble basically.

9. Flinging poop can be SO MUCH fun.

10. Anything breakable must be tested.

11. If it smells like chocolate, it is chocolate and they will eat it.

Tomato? what tomato? I smell chocolate!

12. If it’s quiet for longer then 5 minutes, you KNOW they are up to something.

13. Plastic makes the best sound in the world.

14. EVERYTHING must be tasted.

15. Whatever part of the house you just cleaned, they find it and mess it up.

16. Smartphones are a whole world of fun.

17. Sitting still for a picture is the hardest thing in the world.

Nice and blurry

18. If they can see through it, they can squeeze themselves stuck in it.

19. If they can’t see on top of it, they must climb on top of it.

20. Medicine and chemicals are candy, right?

21. Bath time is fun time.

22. New toys are the best to destroy.

But, we can’t deny it, we love them like crazy! ❤

I’m such a poser!

Published October 4, 2012 by Kokomo

Yes people, it’s me, Koko. I thought it was about time I contributed to this blog, since half of it is about me! I’m so excited! Of course, this is quite difficult for me, because it requires sitting still, which I find so very hard to do!!!! Gosh it’s exciting!

Today we got another one of those dishes with nasty water but loads of green pod-thingies that I like SO much! I was so excited! I am sure they were ALL there for me! I didn’t really like Ruma roaming around, but I have taught her well, she only ate about three. The rest was ALL FOR ME! I’m still so excited!


But what sort of bothered me even more was my human sitting there, pushing that nasty white thing in my face while I was just trying to eat! Eating is my favorite thing! I tried splashing her and I am sure I got the white thing wet, but it didn’t stop my human.

Peas. ALL for ME!

Yeah so my human was annoying, but she also kept Ruma busy. Ruma is so stupid. She doesn’t even eat when we get all these goodies! I am sure we get more goodies tonight. I am so excited!

Oh yeah, so here are some pictures of me.

WHAT do you want human?

Stupid Ruma stealing my peas!

Eating peas yes. I am so excited!

GO away human!

Introduction to the pea-pool

Published September 23, 2012 by Kokomo

Oh my how much fun we had today! Many times now I have seen posts by people putting a bowl of water with peas in it down for their rats, and today it was finally my girls’ turn to try this phenomenon. I know they love frozen peas, I have given them dishes of peas before and they would disappear in no time (just like frozen shrimp coincidentally). But, I also know they hate water. I have tried every which way to get them to take a bath. The bottom of a cage, propped up on one side, filled with lukewarm water, rocks and other toys. The sink, filled with lukewarm water and a ladder, and when they had found their way into the shower, I tried carefully turning the faucet on. They hate every thing. No water pleaaaaaaaase! I cannot count the scratches they gave me in scared attempts to escape the water. So a bowl of water with peas would be a novelty. I decided to take a deep plate, something shallow to start off with. And put not too many, but enough to drift to the sides, peas in it.

The dish with peas.

The ladies were already running free when I set the dish down, but I sat down next to in and that, to them, is always an invitation to come see what’s going on. Soon enough Koko discovered the dish and fished out a pea from the edge. Within a matter of seconds, Ruma joined her, but, seeing as Ruma is never as hungry as her big sister, she was more careful and firstly sniffed around. When she found out there were peas the dish, she happily attacked them as well. This disturbed Koko who then ran off under the bed with her pea. She undoubtedly peeled the pea and left the cover under my bed. Quickly she came running back and repeated the process. After a few peas she felt safer and just sat by the dish eating them. Ruma was done after 4 or 5 peas and trailed off climbing my shoulders. This gave Koko even more confidence and soon enough I found her siting in the middle of the dish, IN the water, eating her peas. Good girl. She ate, and ate and ate and then, with her wet and cold feet, climbed on my lap to warm up and get some approving petting from me. Aren’t they adorable? I took the opportunity to shoot like a madman with my camera so below is a gallery with some awesome shots that I have never managed before. Next time I need pics? Put out a dish of peas! 🙂 Enjoy!

Koko carefully trying…

Trying together (I love this shot)









Eating together

Koko drying of her snout. It’s soooo wet! 😛









Greedy Koko in the dish.

Ruma close-up. Gosh this is my favorite shot ❤














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