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I’m such a poser!

Published October 4, 2012 by Kokomo

Yes people, it’s me, Koko. I thought it was about time I contributed to this blog, since half of it is about me! I’m so excited! Of course, this is quite difficult for me, because it requires sitting still, which I find so very hard to do!!!! Gosh it’s exciting!

Today we got another one of those dishes with nasty water but loads of green pod-thingies that I like SO much! I was so excited! I am sure they were ALL there for me! I didn’t really like Ruma roaming around, but I have taught her well, she only ate about three. The rest was ALL FOR ME! I’m still so excited!


But what sort of bothered me even more was my human sitting there, pushing that nasty white thing in my face while I was just trying to eat! Eating is my favorite thing! I tried splashing her and I am sure I got the white thing wet, but it didn’t stop my human.

Peas. ALL for ME!

Yeah so my human was annoying, but she also kept Ruma busy. Ruma is so stupid. She doesn’t even eat when we get all these goodies! I am sure we get more goodies tonight. I am so excited!

Oh yeah, so here are some pictures of me.

WHAT do you want human?

Stupid Ruma stealing my peas!

Eating peas yes. I am so excited!

GO away human!


A linky post

Published October 4, 2012 by Kokomo

Today, October 4th, it’s World Animal Day. In the Netherlands, this is a big thing. Lots of people spoil their pets a little extra and companies take advantage of this fact by advertising weeks in advance. For my Koko and Ruma, it’s just an ordinary day. They don’t know what the date is and I wouldn’t know how to spoil them extra today, since they are already spoiled to pieces (they both got a whole boiled egg yesterday and I put down another pea-pool today, which turned out only to be a treat to Koko – more on that here) so I decided I could do some good for other animals.

Whilst reading another rat-blog (currently not in use, but still great to read) (nl meaning it’s most probably done by a Dutch person, yay), I came across this site;, watched the video -which I cannot, for the life of me, get to work here, so just click on the site-

Learn more at

and was disgusted beyond words. I was shocked, amazed, appalled, scared, upset and felt I should take action all at the same time. Needless to say I will not be buying anymore Mars products. But besides that, I did a little research and found out that my favorite cosmetics brands also do animal testing. I will switch brands as well. No, I am not throwing out everything I already bought. Yes, I will look for animal-testing-free products from now on.

Taken from the website I don’t own any rights.

By the way, the list mentioned on the website isn’t all Mars produces, so if you’re gonna stick to principles, don’t buy anything the Mars company produces. This means some very famous brands of pet-food as well! Check out all about Mars here . You can click on the tab ‘brands’ and find out if you’re buying any Mars products yourself.

For me, this means giving up one of my most favorite snacks in the world: M&M’s. But when I think of what is done to poor, defenseless animals, I am happy to give them up. I gave up McDonalds and cigarettes, I think I can add M&M’s to the list.

What are you doing this year for World Animal Day?

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